Audial Universes.

growing up, i listened to a lot of records. i always came back to the ones that seemed to create their own world with the songs they contained. each track would add a new layer to this fictional place that i could visit just by pressing play.

i aspire to create those worlds with every album i release. this is a map of those worlds.

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Posing for Nobody

posing for nobody is a warm record. half intentionally and half unintentionally. the record makes broad strides but stops itself from becoming over layered. it’s a simple in sound, complex in message. the entire album conveys a solitude that triumphs over loneliness. it’s dreamlike, but never intangible.

new life is waking up from a long dream to a beautiful morning sunrise. someone else’s dream is driving on the PCH as jagged fragmented thoughts crystallize as you realize you’re breathing. downdrafts is a slow motion walk through a busy street. swimming with the sharks is a fever inducing trip brought on by flickering yellow fluorescent lights and a sour relationship. catch me on the comedown is the chill groove that forms deep in the mind.

wish i was is the anthem of self acceptance brought on by the ticking of the clock. eyes roll white is a moment late at night, staring up at the ceiling, replaying the past over and over in your mind. hold me to this is a corridor of windows with your memories on display, leading to winding checkered paths and archways that never end. indian blanket is a dirt road after dusk, lit by the headlights of your car. this world is a hollywood party. posing for nobody is a lullaby.

Why Do the

Good Things Go?

why do the good things go is a very beautiful and hopeful record. it’s deeply layered with an ethereal and emotional quality. made in early quarantine, it conveys a world waking back up. a warm sun after a long rain. meadows, hills overgrown with flowers, sunsets. life prevailing through tragedy and hardship. the album represents growth and perseverance. the world the record creates is a cohesive experiential companion to that narrative.

all we know is another sunrise, but a quarantined and lonely one. just a memory is a dali landscape of dreamlike imagery. why do the good things go is a collage of pictures, torn apart and sewn together. glass smile is following a light that peeks into a dark room. there’s more to be is flying over a landscape and seeing growth and life come back to a barren earth. landing back down and seeing the green return to the grass with every step.

may / june is an emotional story of loss and moving on, set in sunset. we will change is an impossibly beautiful lifetime of moments, strung together to illicit hope. it’s the hand that reaches out to you. strawberry sky is another sunset drive through california, ending with the calm glow fading to black. summerlings is a run through a city and into the hills. temporary everything is the moment of transcendence. the floating, the reflection, the light at the end of the tunnel. the final message of “it’ll be alright.”


chrysalis is a dense bright city of sound. it’s full and almost claustrophobic. it depicts the flurry of emotions that stem from love. a figure unbothered by surroundings, over ear headphones on, just grooving. the world chrysalis creates is surrounded by a thick complex wall of overstimulating sound, and at its core is a beautiful sense of home and belonging.

lotus is light leaks, flowers spinning at your feet as you run toward the sunrise. prism is the light arcing and contouring around you, trapping you in your ways. venice is an insane bendy dance walk through abbot kinney. i’m on my way is an anthem of comfort confidence and stability. this is the point at which the sun begins to set. chelsea is the moment the orange clouds slow everything to a standstill, and you float in the waves of the sky.

not one lifetime is an indescribable wall of sound and concept. it’s a memory of the past, a glimpse into the future, and everything in between. chrysalis is the hopeful driving anthem of self discovery the album builds itself off of. do you see it too is the sun finally setting, bringing on the comfort of the day’s end. neverland is a nighttime drive home. voicemails to myself is the sunrise of the next day. the rest of the night before, the beauty of the morning, and the resolve of the record.

Keep Me in Mind

keep me in mind is a collection of songs written many years ago. it’s a darker record, one that illustrates a certain desolation that is barely present in the albums mentioned earlier. the world this record creates is a labyrinth. it’s a landscape littered with dark checkered paths, twists and turns, all with no end in sight.


Written in the Dark

this album is made up of midnight recordings of sleepless atmospheric guitar pieces. it’s a lonely record, a bare and solemn peek into my songwriting. this record exudes the feeling of an overnight walk. a moonlit journey accompanied by a guitar and the occasional brief voice.

Obsolete Technologies

Obsolete Technologies is a mixture of fun rock, upbeat pop, groovy satirical jams, and the lonely labyrinth pieces that are now present in my discography. this record is my best work, no question.

whoops is the bold strap-into a rollercoaster. +(um) is a garish strut downtown, passing instagram influencers and wanna-be celebrities. flowing currents of color. fractal sun is floating through obscure shaped clouds. obsolete technologies is a nighttime desperate drive on the pch. no stranger is dancing through a foreign marketplace. canopy concerto is discovering a hidden world in dkc2. results may vary is a weighty slow motion strut down hollywood blvd. breathing is a serene moment on a flight home.

cornlife is a city slicker turned militant farmboy. fountains of youth is a desolate search through never-ending chambers with no exit. where do they come for me? is a purgatorial storm cloud. foundation is a crowd of people stopping and watching the sunrise. waiting for me is a beautiful moment slowed and stretched to last a lifetime. get home safe is checking in on a friend after a drought of communication. pain is a desolate, lonely, and desperate cry into an uncaring void.


Fauna (coming late 2023) is cerebral art rock, upbeat pop, jazz, and some other surprises. this record will focus more on meaning and the matter of being. the future is bright.

stay for the open hand

no use for the broken man