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Uncommon Communication

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Samuel Kinsella is an Artist, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, and Producer from Los Angeles, California. Born into a family of visual artists, Kinsella experimented with music early in his life, underwent musical schooling, and grew accustomed to producing music when he was tasked with scoring films. After writing and recording his debut album for three years (and a second album simultaneously), he abandoned the projects and created an album in the months before the COVID-19 pandemic called Posing for Nobody. Not six months would pass until Kinsella would release Why Do the Good Things Go? an album directly addressing the pandemic and offering a beacon of hope in dark times. With these two albums, he developed a signature sound with his music, often employing a melancholic and densely layered audial landscape that guided his voice through its many corridors. Kinsella then spent a year writing and recording Chrysalis, an attempt to reach a wider audience with a more upbeat traditional pop approach. Months after, he put together Keep Me in Mind, an album comprised of many songs that were previously shelved for being too obscure for the general audience. During a period of seven days in December 2022, Kinsella wrote, recorded, produced, and released Obsolete Technologies as a reaction to the reception of his previous work. Kinsella would then isolate himself to create a record solely to accommodate his unique musical tastes. Without restrictions, he would create what he calls the most important record of his life, Obscura. With a densely layered and alien sound, Kinsella ventures into complex indie art rock and textural alternative, exploring concepts of artistic freedom, counterpart, existence, and meaning. Kinsella now exists and thrives in his signature sound, creating unique worlds with every release. His upcoming record Uncommon Communication is not only a continuation and perfected version of the style he’s carefully crafted, it is a bookend to the musical journey he has created.

an abstract painting of a skeleton
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Samuel Kinsella is an Artist, Composer, and Multi-Instrumentalist with a wide range of talents and pursuits from Los Angeles, California. In pursuit of his artistic vision, he has created genre-bending audial universes with every release. With a dark and rhythmic look into thought, existence, and meaning, Samuel will release “Uncommon Communication” in 2024, his most intricate and challenging work to date.

ending in 2024.