Obsolete Technologies is the fifth studio album by Samuel Kinsella.

15 insane, fun, and groovy tracks

available now.



Fractal Sun*

Obsolete Technologies

No Stranger

Canopy Concerto

Results May Vary



Fountains of Youth

Where Do They Come for Me?


xWaiting for Me

Get Home Safe


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hello :) this is by far my favorite record i've ever made. it's a fun, groovy, hard hitting album that covers a lot of subjects. lack of recognition, the pursuit of fame, loss, manipulation, trust fund celebs, purgatory, hope, love, etc. there's A LOT to this record. it's vast, intimate, fun, funny, groovy, nasty, calm, it's everything. i'm often fiercely proud of what i've made, but this takes the cake. i certainly hope you enjoy. much love. (-sam)

thank you for listening.