Hello. I’m Samuel Kinsella.

I am a Los Angeles based creative Artist, Designer, and Composer.

Over the last eight years, I have worked with many clients on numerous jobs. I have created many personal and professional projects all over the creative spectrum. I have designed and composed projects for bands, brands, record labels, theatres, podcasts, even clients including LACMA and Snapchat. I have a portfolio that proves my ability time and time again to create a full project from only seeds of client vision.

I have extensive knowledge of creative processes and softwares. I possess many creative skills. I am highly adaptable and I learn fast. I am always thinking outside the box, trying to find a new way to get my vision across.

Work of mine is available at


I want to elevate the stylistic form and design of the world, and I want to take my next step with you.

Let’s work.